Filigree Trillium Stardust Paperweights

The Stardust Crown Paperweight uses various coloured “Dichroic Glass“. We enhance its reflective qualities to exhibit more color and sparkle. We combine this with various styles of filigree, ribbon cane or latticino complex canes. These pieces are truly unique and the end result is dazzling. Topped off with a hand built Trillium Murrini, Virginia has created a true signature piece unique to her style with the end result being one of vibrant color and brilliance. Collect all four seasons of our Filigree Stardust Paperweights. Prices are $ USD.

Filigree Stardust Trillium Winter Paperweight View 1
Delicate white Zanfirico canes alternate with strips of our special Stardust glass to create limitless sparkles and shplash in this lovely crown paperweight.  It is topped off with a handbuilt Trillium murrini. The Trillium is the provincial flower for Ontario.
Price: $300.00

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Filigree Stardust Trillium Winter Paperweight Side View
Same as View 1

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