Magnum Wedding Bells

Magnum Wedding Bells

Filigree and Ribbon Glass Bells
Filigree glass was invented in Murano Italy by glass masters Filippo and Bernardo Catani of the glass house Sirena in 1526, an elaborate process that was indeed difficult to perform. Filigree Glass, unlike conventional blown glass, was suitable for only the uppermost tables of society as it was not common.  This elaborate form of Filigrana Glass is responsible for the fame of Murano style glass today.  Currently, with new design innovations and  increasing levels of workmanship, the patterns able to be embedded in these art glassbells appear to be limitless, bringing much appreciation and joy to collectors of the beloved Filigree Glass technique. Prices are $ USD.

Handblown Glass Wedding Bell
Purple and Green Wedding Bell
This purple and green Full Filigree Magnum Wedding Bell has a matching blown handle and a matching lip wrap.The body of the bell is a wonderful example of green Zanfirico canes with contrasting purple latticino canes. The stem of the clapper is made from the purple latticino cane, matching the body of the bell. The clapper ball is made from a green Zanfirico cane used in the body. The clapper is held in place with sterling silver findings.
Size:11 3/8″ H x5 1/2″ W
Signed: Virginia Wilson Toccalino
Price: 850.00

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